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Gay 'PRIDE' Badge Lapel Pin


1.25 each


This is a 1" popular "Gay Pride" Rainbow Badge Lapel Pin with bright hand applied enamel colour fills and gold plating pin and back.

Freedom of speech is one of the pillars upon which this great nation of ours is built.  Freedom to be who we are.  The past ten years have seen a dramatic rise in awareness and acceptance for the Gay and Lesbian culture.  Today we are out and we are proud!  From Primetime to Election time, our lives have come full circle.  And with this growth has come awareness.  Awareness gained through the media, through everyday interaction, and through symbols that represent our heritage.  And the one symbol that is now the most prominent is none other than the rainbow

Gilbert Baker, a San Francisco artist, created the first rainbow flag in 1978.  He designed a flag with six stripes, representing the six colors of the rainbow, as a symbol of Gay and Lesbian community pride.  Although the rainbow flag was initially used only in San Francisco, it is now recognized worldwide, not only as a symbol of Gay and Lesbian Pride, but for Transgender and Bisexual Pride as well.

This style of lapel pin is a symbol of gay pride and support for the GLBT community and their quest for equal rights.

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